The sixth pradishta dinam festival of Sree Krishna Temple, Kulapully, Kerala, will be held from today to April 23. As part of the celebrations, the Kulapully music festival is being organised at the Saraswathy Mandapam. With special pujas for deities Ganapathy and Anjaneyar the five-day event begins on April 19. Pradishta dinam special pujas followed by kalasabishekam and kalabhabishekam will be performed on April 23, from 8.30 a.m. Special programmes include Sampoorna Narayaneeyam by Narayaneeya Parayana Samithi from Chennai, Coimbatore and Kulapully on April 22, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Panchavadyam (9.30 a.m.) and Pancha Thayambaka (5.15 p.m.) will be performed on April 23.

The new Kulappully Sree Krishna Temple, built from the remains of a centuries-old temple, has become a symbol of love, equality and devotion.

Erangodath Prasannakumar, patron of the trust, who runs the temple, said that the trust had major plans to make the temple a centre of art and culture.

The images of Krishna and Aiyappa are unique in their own ways. The Sree Kovil (sanctum sanctorum) of the temple has the main deity ‘Vennakrishnan,’ who is seen in a standing posture, with butter in the right hand and ‘gadha’ (mace) in the left. The idol is made out of ‘Krishnasila.’ The graceful Dharmasasta carries in his right hand an ‘amritha kalasam,’ not a common sight. The temple is believed to have been built in the 13th century by Maravarman Sundara Pandya – who conquered the Cholas and ruled the area between 1265 and 1285 AD. During the 18th century the temple was destroyed as Tipu Sultan invaded Malabar.

Mr. Prasannakumar said that it all happened on August 12, 2001, when he was taking a walk in Kulappully village looking for an ideal place to construct a house. Then he got to know about the dilapidated Krishna temple. Work on rebuilding the damaged temple started on February 2, 2006, the consecration of which was performed on August 29, 2007. Since then the temple has been hosting several festivals.