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The Kuchipudi Dance Festival saw performances by renowned dancers from across the country.

The five-day Kuchipudi Dance Festival, organised by the Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University held at Kuchipudi village had scintillating performances by disciples of renowned guru Uma Rama Rao. Anahita, Malavika, Charwi Reddy and Sindhura presented solo items on Ganesha, Alamelumanga Krishna and finally together concluded with the all time favourite Maheswari Mahankali. Later on, Maddali Usha Gayatri as Alamelumanga endeared herself to the audience with her graceful performance. Odissi dance performances by Ratikanta and Sujata Mahapatra took audiences to a different world with the subtle abhinaya in choodamani pradanam and the group presentation in Pallavi and Allah Allah the contemporary pieces in Odissi format.Kamsa Vadha the Mellattur Bhagavata mela with its old world charm left the audience in a trance. The several episodes from the life of Lord Krishna were beautifully brought out by all the artistes present. Special mention must be made of Sri Natarajan as Yashoda, Kumar as Kamsa as Devaki Srikant, Vijay Madhavam as Krishna, Sai as Balarama. On the third day of the festival the students of Ghantasala Government College of Music and Dance, Vijayawada won appreciation of the audience with their fast rythmic presentation. T. Manju Bhargavi with her majestic presence instantly established a good support with the audience. The Sathriya Dance, beautifully presented by Sharodi Saikia and group brought out the grace and beauty of this classical dance form. The male dancers with drums and their masculine movements in synchronisation added new dimensions to the performance. The much-awaited Vipranarayana by Dr. Shobha Naidu proved to be a scintillating finale to the day's performances. Shobha as Devadevi proved her mettle - in the display of subtle abhinaya, her disciples supported her in this beautiful performance. Deepika Reddy with her eloquent eyes and graceful stage presence started the performances on the fourth day. On the final day of this fiveday festival Sandhya started the evening's performance with a tarangam Govardhana Giridari. Her dance was marked by soft, subtle expressions and graceful body movement.The performance of Dr. Raja Radha Reddy along with his daughter Yamini was another highlight of the festival. Their Tarana, Natavara Tharuni and Aadenamma Harudu - by Yamini proved once again their virtuosity and excellent choreography and presentation. The finale saw Korada Narasimha Rao as Bhasmasura in Mohini Bhasmasura. It was a well-presented ballet ably assisted by his team of dancers and musicians.

Seminars and lecdems

The first day of the seminar started with Vedantam Satyanarayana Sarma's paper presentation and lecture demonstration on the topic The Importance of Sathvika Abhinaya in Kuchipudi dance. His demonstration was full of Sathvika Abhinaya, excellently depicted through his eyes, face and hand gestures. After this, Dr. Sunil Kothari presented his paper Kuchipudi-Then and Now. The second day session had Dr. V.A.K. Ranga Rao, Bala Kondal Rao and Dr. Kamala from Mumbai presenting their papers.Uma Rama Rao introduced the guests and called upon Kamala Ganesh to present her paper. She spoke on The New Perspective on Culture.The third day sessions started with Dr. Uma Rama Rao's paper preentation on Sahaji's Yakshagana Prabhandhas. She spoke at length and in detail about Yakshaganas and how King Sahaji's though being a Maratha King wrote his prabhandhas in Telugu and Hindi.The last day of the seminar's started off with a wonderful histrionic display of emotions by Alekhya, a renowned danseuse and Head of Department of Dance, P. S. Telugu University, Hyderabad. Stressing on the Sathvikabhinaya she brought out the strong similarities between Siddhendra yogi's Bhamakalapam and Matrubhutakavi's Parijaatapaharanam. This was followed by Rajyalakshmi Seth's paper presentation of Place of Kuchipudi dance in the classification system of performing arts, highlighted the sociological aspects in relation to Kuchipudi and read a few interesting excerpts and findings from her thesis.



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