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Apt casting: Vaamanan
Apt casting: Vaamanan

Despite its share of improbabilities, if ‘Vaamanan’ (U/A) manages to impact the viewer to a certain extent it is mainly because of the raciness in the last lap. Jai is apt in the role of Anand, a village bred, drawn to the city’s dream factory. His aim of becoming an actor in films doesn’t fructify but he emerges as a strong real life hero.

Classy opening

‘Vaamanan’ opens in classy fashion with a sensuous Lakshmi Rai walking out of the waters of the beach — an ad film shoot is on. Soon the story makes a detour to a world of ruthless murders, political mafia and its predictable underworld nexus. And caught in this quagmire of bloody action is the innocent Anand. How the credulous young hero turns ingenious and extricates himself from near-death situations isn’t a new premise but Ahmed’s treatment in the latter half makes ‘Vaamanan’ interesting.

Jai embarks on a solo hero role for the first time and pulls it off creditably while new-find Priya, the heroine, scores with her spontaneity and homely looks. In spite of his usual dialogue of comparisons, Santhanam’s comedy often evokes laughter. Rehman’s hero-like intro fizzles out once he begins to move aimlessly, seemingly pandering to the whims of Jai. His actual role in the turn of events unfolds a little too late. Director Ahmed’s yarn gets crazy when Jai actually believes that Rehman indulges in break-ins, not to steal but just to have a glass of juice and relax at the various places! One of the homes is popular model Puja’s (Lakshmi Rai). Strangely, the palatial, beautifully done up place doesn’t have a single servant.

Like a nincompoop Jai follows Rehman into strangers’ homes and continues to think he isn’t a thief! Hence it becomes tough to believe Jai’s shrewdness in the climax.

Urvasi is her comical self no doubt, but in her attempt to tickle she goes overboard. The actor’s experience glistens more in her serious outbursts.

The moment you see ‘Delhi’ Ganesh in the garden waiting like a sitting duck, it’s obvious that his end his near. So when he says he’s had a long innings in politics and can read minds you can only smile at the cliché.

Shot as montages, Yuvan’s ‘Oru Devathai’ song is soothing. And Arvind Krishna proves his worth as cinematographer yet again.

The villain is falling from the topmost floor of a high-rise under construction, in full police and public view. An ambulance is parked, but all are mute spectators who do not even attempt to find a net and hold it beneath the victim! He hurtles down the wooden planks and hits the floor with a thud, and the others, including the various camera crews, stand gaping at the dead remains!

I. Ahmed, the debut-making writer-director, has worked hard to make the treatment fast-paced … it’s the plausibility factor that irks.


Genre: Suspense

Director: I. Ahmed

Cast: Jai, Priya, Urvasi, Rehman

Storyline: A young man comes to the city with dreams of making it as a hero in films, but Fate has other plans …

Bottomline: A racy denouement




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