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Lovable guyDiljit Dosanjh.
Lovable guyDiljit Dosanjh.

Popular Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh is busy promoting his upcoming film “Jatt & Julliet 2”, Releasing this week, Dosanjh has high hopes from the sequel.

Excerpts from the interview:

Suddenly Punjabi movies are in great demand, both nationally and internationally.

Indeed they are as the industry is growing and with the passage of time as the production values will get further refined movies made in Punjab would be enjoyed and watched worldwide.

These days Punjabi movies are more about comedy. Why do directors not try other genres?

I don’t know about others but “Jatt & Julliet -2” which is a sequel has a proper storyline and has a blend of drama, romance, emotions and action.

Nowadays, the trend of making sequels is in. What do you think is the reason behind it and what are your expectations from the film?

This is the first sequel of a Punjabi film and I am very excited about the fact that a new phase is going to start in Punjab. As it is a sequel, the expectations have also doubled! When we like and relish something then only we ask more for it. Same is the case with movies, when audience enjoys any particular movie, its storyline, then demand for it is created. I hope people like it. If this succeeds, then sequels will be made more often.

What interests you more: singing or acting?

I enjoy singing the most. I believe in making songs. Singing is my first love. Acting is right now secondary for me as my priority is singing.

Who is the real Diljit Dosanjh? Is he a happy-go-lucky person or there are more shades to him?

I am a person with a positive outlook. But yes, there are many shades of Dosanjh which will be seen in my upcoming projects. There’s a film “1984 Punjab” in which you would get to see a completely new side of me. Also, we are shooting a film titled “Mukhtiyar Chadha” in Delhi.




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