A ny history can be a chronological record of events, it can also be a study of patterns which need not be bound by a common time frame. “Cinema Yaana” by Dr.K. Puttaswamy maps the 75 years of Kannada cinema, in the second mode. He weaves the story of Kannada cinema from various standpoints.

In his interesting Introduction, Puttaswamy graphically builds his childhood days and his burning desire to watch cinema.

As the story of his early days unfurl, it also acquires the quality of a rich, sociological document. In fact, it is surprising how, much like today, then too the songs reached people earlier than the film itself! All the pieces in this book were originally written for the Kannada weekly, “Vikranta Karnataka”.

Important directors, landmark films, major trends, and stunning photographs make this well-produced book a compelling reading. The “Sidelights” section is very interesting as it draws ones attention to many details from global cinema as well.

Meticulously put together, it is a book every film lover would want to possess. Published by Hasiru Prakashana, it is priced at Rs. 360.