Thirupoonthuruthi Sri Narayana Tirtha Swamigal Trust, along with Narada Gana Sabha Trust and Saraswati Vaggeyakara Trust, celebrated the 334th Jayanti of Narayana Tirtha Swamigal on July 1.

On July 2, a function was held at Kaza village in Andhra Pradesh, where Swamigal was born, under the auspices of Sadguru Sri Narayana Tirtha Trust of Guntur.

The Chennai event held at Narada Gana Sabha, commenced with Vedaparayanam by Madurai Mani Sastrigal and party. It was followed by tarangam bhajans by Chennai Amruta Vahini Group. This was followed by a talk by Kousalya Sivakumar, who spoke on the Upanishad content of ‘Krishna Leela Tarangini.’ She brought out the impact of Vedic teachings while portraying the different episodes contained in the Dasamaskandam of Srimad Bhagavatham. She was ably supported by Sudha Iswaran for the vocal rendition of tarangams.

T.V. Rama Prasad presented a tarangam recital. The event concluded with Anjaneya Utsavam.

Thirupoonthuruthi Sri Narayana Tirtha Swamigal Trust co-sponsored the Jayanti celebrations at Kaza from July 1-3.

Celebrations included Kuchipudi recitals by Aradhyule Tejaswari, Ajay Kumar and party. Malladi Brothers and Ghorakavi Sampath Kumar presented tarangam concerts.

The 17th Janmashtami celebrations will be held at the Narayana Tirtha Brindavanam at Thirupoonthuruthi on August 13.

Clarification: The tarangam competition is on August 23 and not July 23 as mentioned last week.