In this episode of AnimalPlanet's "Night", March 13at 11 p.m., follow host BrandonMcMillan on a globalsearch for answers fromsunset to sunrise. Animalexpert McMillan goes toAfrica to witness the greatmigration and how thewildebeest herds surviveat night. No screechingowls or lions on a kill canscare him away from hisjob.

Watch with him as hewitnesses the tussle between a pack of hyenasand a herd of wildebeest.In "Predators's Prey",the programme gives youthe prey's perspective andreveals the sophisticatedtechniques they haveevolved to escape being eaten.The episode,"Strength in Numbers",March 14 at 8 p.m., showshow by gathering togetherin large groups, the preyincreases its chance ofsurvival against the predators.