Bleak and frozen is the terrain, yet it is home to some species. Animal Planet’s ‘Wildest Arctic,’ July 20 at 7 p.m., explores four extraordinary areas of this region. It also gives insight into what life in this incredible habitat is like for animals. Here is a look at some episodes. ‘Northern Icecaps: Land of the Midnight Sun,’ examines how wildlife survives in the extreme conditions of the regions around the North Pole, beginning with the Arctic Circle. In ‘Taiga the Frozen Forests,’ trail the creatures such as the brown bear and the amur leopard for a year and discover how they have learnt to survive in the ice-covered taiga forest. ‘Tundra: Desert of Ice,’ unfolds the remarkable diversity of life in the sub-zero Arctic tundra, one of the coldest and driest places on the planet. ‘Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice,’ looks at life in this region, which is home to some rare and spectacular creatures.