Quite the swan

Eva Longoria, the super sexy Desperate Housewife says, "My whole family called me Prieta Fea, the ugly dark one. I've told my mom, `You really could have screwed my self-confidence up for life, but you didn't.' I was the only one with dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes. All of my sisters are blond, light-eyed and lightskinned. They used to tell me that they switched me at the hospital; they found me in a Dumpster. They were so mean to me when I was little!" Eva of course had the last laugh as "Every time I'm on any list of Hottest, Sexy, Most Beautiful anything, I just send them the magazine." Jackie's baby woesWorking with children in "Rob-B-Hood" was not a very happy experience for Jackie Chan. "I saw babies every day, how noisy they were. If one cried, then one, two, three, four, they would all cry. It's hardest to get a girl to smile. She just doesn't smile. She looks at the people manning the cameras like they're idiots. She would smile right after we run out of film." King of comedyWe have all laughed ourselves silly on Mel Brooks' crazy, manic madcap movies and now with a DVD box set coming out, Brooks says, "I think people should buy 20 of them. Buy 20 and save a lot of them for Christmas presents. Who knows how many of these they make? They might be gone. I want these movies to be seen. Nobody has seen "The Chairs" or "Silent Movie." Talking of his wife, Anne Bancroft, Brooks says, "Anne was never in better form than when she played the Polish actress'' in ``To Be or Not to Be.'' Her death last June "is not only my heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking, personal loss, but also to the world of theatre and film, it's a great loss. We're talking about a very talented, creative, gifted person." Jane in loveA summer love affair between 19-year-old Jane Austen and a roguish Irishman, Tom Lefroy is the subject of an 8-million-pound movie, "Becoming Jane." The shooting has begun in Dublin. "It is young love. It is Jane Austen in love," says Robert Bernstein, one of the producers. The film stars Anne Hathaway as Austen while James McAvoy plays her Irish beau. "Anne has the perfect combination of intelligence, emotional vulnerability and steely determination for our Jane," says director Julian Jarrold. Far from idyllicJulie Andrews reveals that the conditions for the opening shot of "Sound of Music" where she appears carefree and happy were "cold, wet and muddy, with glimpses of sun.'' She also kept getting flattened to the ground by the downdraft from the helicopter used to suspend the cameraman who got the shot _ after several takes. "Finally, I'm so mad, I'm shaking my fist and trying to tell him to go around me wider. He gives me a thumbs up, like, `Hello, let's do it again." Think of that the next time you watch,'' the 70-year-old singer and actress said. Dancing with CageNicolas Cage and rapper 50 Cent are teaming up to star in anew film based on the life of a real prison boxing coach. In "The Dance," 42-year-old Cage will play coach Billy ``The Kid'' Roth who has spent more than 40 years as a volunteer boxing coach in prisons in the US state of Louisiana. 50 Cent will play a prison inmate whom the coach believes has the talent to be a contender, but the jailbird's ambitions appear severely threatened by the fact that he is serving a life sentence.