High points and low - Azhagaai Irukkiraai Bayamaai Irukkiradhu

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BUBBLY AND YOUTHFUL, BUT IS THAT ENOUGH? Azhagaai Irukkirai Bayamaai Irukkiradhu
BUBBLY AND YOUTHFUL, BUT IS THAT ENOUGH? Azhagaai Irukkirai Bayamaai Irukkiradhu

Genre: Romance
Director: S. D. Vijay Milton
Cast: Bharat, Arun Kumar, Mallika Kapoor, Deepu
Storyline: When the hero realises that the girl of his dreams is involved with somebody else he hatches plans to separate them. Or does he?
Bottomline: Despite the frolic and festivity of youth, something's missing.A melange of colours, a carnival milieu, pantomime, animation, CG and a different approach to presentation can be listed as the pluses of Dream Theatres' `Azhagaai Irukkiraai Bayamaai Irukkiradhu,' (U) but these elements alone may not suffice for a film to go down well with viewers. If you want a plausible story, `Azhagaai ... ' has it. If you want bubbly youthfulness, there's lot of it. Rhythmic jigs of an ace dancer like Bharat, are an added attraction. Vairabalan's aesthetic art aids the youthful, fun-filled mood. Unique and effective camera angles and aesthetic tones of S. D. Vijay Milton are a lure too. (The cameraman debuts as the story and screenplay writer and director of `Azhagaai ... ') It is the treatment that goes awry and affects the impact and pace of the film.

Vibrant cast

Action revolves round two pairs of youngsters — Mano (Bharat) and Jo (Mallika Kapoor) and Prem (Arun Kumar) and Nandini (Deepu). Mano comes to Chennai in search of the girl he had fallen in love with, in the village. The girl, however, has no inkling about the young man's feelings for her. Jo is in the same boat, smitten as she is by the love she has for cricketer Prem. The two birds of a feather join together and plan to separate Prem from Nandini. Unrequited love is the bottomline of `Azhagaai ... ' However, Milton maintains an element of suspense till the end. Yet just to keep it a surprise for the viewer, he has his hero looking yearningly from a distance at the girl he is supposed to have fallen for. So when the truth eventually unfolds you are slightly confused! And you are not very sure where Mano actually stays — is it Jo's home or his? The climax is far removed from the run-of-the-mill and is a real refresher that gives a natural-but-hardly-seen touch to the happenings. Bharat as the lovelorn young man acquits himself well, while Arun has, as always, portrayed his part with dignity. Mallika Kapoor, the sprightly heroine, makes quite an impression. Bubbling with life and desperately in love, the girl endears herself to the viewer almost effortlessly. But the surprise packet is Renuka (the popular KB heroine on TV), who plays Mano's effervescent mom. M. S. Bhaskar shines in the silent comedy of the initial scenes. Vijayaraj's dialogue has some graceful, enjoyable humour. `Odi Vaa Kaadhalae' is a hum-worthy number from Yuvan Shankar Raja.Nothing much happens till the midway point of `Azhagaai ... ' It's more of fun and frolic. Matters turn a little serious later, and end on a realistic note. Milton has all the makings of a capable maker. Only he has to hone his skills in areas such as screenplay. MALATHI RANGARAJAN



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