Grounded in classical idiom

Velcheti Subrahmanyam
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Music Chaganti Ramya Kiranmayi’s rendition was laced with rudiments of classical idiom of music. Velcheti Subrahmanyam

Tone and tenorChaganti Ramya Kiranmayi
Tone and tenorChaganti Ramya Kiranmayi

Vocalist of promise Chaganti Ramya Kiranmayi’s concert stood remarkable for its melodic quotient on the premises of Sankara Matam Visakhapatnam. With a touch of spiritual aura in the air, the serene and inspiring ambiance at the matam made her sing in full confidence. A disciple of Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao, she has good grounding in the rudiments of classical idiom of music. With fair grasp of the musical and lyrical contours of the piece taken up, she essayed well to explore various dimensions in delineation of chosen ragas. On the occasion of Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya Jayanthi Utsavam, she opened the session with Sri Sankara Guruvaram of Mahavaidyanath Iyer in raga Nagaswaravali, which was indicative of her potential that holds out a good promise for bright future.

Ably accompanied by P Gnanadev on violin and Varanasi S Jayadeep Sarma on mridangam, she was at her evocative best all through. It was, in a way, a concert of devotional spirit in classical idiom of music with a soothing effect. She prefaced almost every piece with brief aalapana that reflected her penchant for raga essays. She chose raga Sankarabharanam for Endukupeddala of Thyagaraj, the mainstay of the session, for elaboration at amble.

Embroidered with appealing aalapana, it stood neatly executed in improvisations and flowing nerval. That she revels in singing is evident in every frame of the session. Sabho Mahadeva of Thyagaraj in raga Pantuvarali was presented with an emphasis on devotional content of the composition. Kalyanarama of Uthkkad Venkatsubbiyer in raga Hamsanadam was another piece that evoked warm response. It was reflective of good training imparted to her in terms of concert skills. While his presentation of raga Suddhasimantini for Janakiramana was impressive, Orajupu in raga Kannadagowla found favour with the audience. She capped the session with Kolhapureswari of Lalitadasar in raga Bhageshri. Sankaramatam Managing Committee hosted it as part of Sri Sankara Jayanthi Utsavam.



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