Sukanya Prabhakar sang under the auspices of Shri Prasanna Vidya Ganapathi Charitable Trust accompanied by Charulatha Ramanujam (violin), Shivaraman (mridanga), and Sukanya Ramagopal (ghata).

The scholarly singer is endowed with a soft, gentle and melodious voice (at times tremulous). Her style owes unswerving allegiance to the true spirit of sangitha: melody and mood.

The most distinguishing feature was the tempo: slow and measured, adapted for the whole concert. In spite of this, her control over both the laya and expression let no moment of sluggishness or slackness mar the proceedings.

Being thus armed, she brought forth the tenors of the presentations to the audience’s satisfaction.

Heavy but gentle gamakas and a steady gait imparted the required vigour to the Varna (“Saami Ninne Kori” – Mohana – Karur Devudu Iyer). Her pleasing voice complemented the element of devotion the lyrics expected in “Sthanum Bhajamyaham” (Karnaranjani- Muthayya Bhagavathar).

With “Meena Lochana” (Dhanyasi - Shyamashastri) and “Smarasada” (Bilahari- Swathi Thirunal) melodic wafts of Dhanyasi and Bilahari drifted into the atmosphere spontaneously without being tinged by any repetitive articulations.

The ragas were discussed in a methodical progression passing through the prescribed phases, facilitating an appreciation of the ragas in all their radiance (namana kaku). Raga (Natabhairavi), Thaana and Pallavi (“Gajavadana Beduve”) may be tenably cited as another successful accomplishment.