Changing gears

The bubbly Harshika Poonacha purchased a new Renault Car (top end -Duster). What was so special about this car. The full value of the car amounting to Rs. 17 lakh came from her own savings.

“When I drove the car, I was feeling so overwhelmed that nothing could stop me jumping with joy. I purchased this car from my hard earned money. That was the most exciting moment in my life,” said Harshika, who is now on a mission to have an image recast.

“Earlier, I was doing just bubbly girls and some times I had to accept sister roles with top Stars. But I think I have passed this phase and now I am eager to play glamorous lead roles. And some of the films, I am getting roles which look quite natural. In “B 3”, I play the role of a girl with both positive and negative shades. I think this is my best role so far. I enjoyed working with Ramesh Arvind sir in ‘Mangana Kaige Manikya’. More than anything else, I think my career is flourishing with lot of good offers coming my way,” says Harshika Poonachcha.

Drama on silver screen

Yogaraj Bhat’s much awaited film Drama starring Yash and Radhika Pandit will be releasing today. Another much awaited film Edhegaarike directed by Sumana Kiththoor and written by Agni Sridhar is also releasing on the same day. It may be a little unpleasant feeling to realise that two films which are most expected by fans have to compete with each other, but it looks like there has been no alternative. Yogaraj Bhat’s Drama produced by Jayanna has been cleared with a U Certificate without any cuts, while Edhegaarike, another clean entertainer has been cleared with U/A certificate. Yogaraj Bhat says that his film’s story has several layers, in a way answering his critics who feel there is no story in his films. . The audio of the film has become a big hit and the song picturisations have also been appreciated.

Edhegaarike, says director Sumana Kiththoor, is a gripping drama carrying very good performances from Adithya, Atul Kulkarni, Dharma, Srujan Lokesh and Sharath Lohithashwa.

Radhika Pandit is also awaiting to see the response from the audience, as she has done a role that is in contrast to her image of the next door girl.

Smelling success

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Puneet Raj Kumar, Yogish and Bhavana starrer “Yaare Koogadali." Raghavendra Raj Kumar, who is overseeing the production of the film, says that it will be released on December 20

Incidentally, the recent stills and wall papers published in newspaper advertisements have attracted the Power Star’s fans who smell a big hit for their favourite star. The audio of the film will be released soon. Puneet Raj Kumar has already completed his dubbing work for the film. Parvathamma Raj Kumar is the producer of this film, which is a remake of Tamil film “Porali”. The film is being directed by Samuthira Kani who had directed the Tamil original. Hari Krishna has composed music. Sukumar is the cinematographer. Fight sequences are composed by Ravi Varma.