Raagini on her own

Raagini has performed authentic stunts for Shankare Gowda's film “Kempe Gowda”. Actor Sudeep is directing this film besides playing the title role in this film. The action sequences that were shot recently had featured both the lead actor and his heroine Raagini who preferred to do her own stunts than to depend on the dupes.

Shankare Gowda is happy about Raagini's commitment and professionalism during the shooting of the film. “It is a fact that we had considered Anchal for the role. Raagini was also considered for the role, but we had to encounter date problems. But we had lot of pressure to finish the shooting of this film before November end, as too many producers were waiting for Sudeep's call sheet. And as a director Sudeep is a hard task master who does not want to compromise. Raagini came in as her Tamil film which was to start this month got postponed,” says Shankare Gowda.

Super Bhavana!

The much-awaited film “Jackie” starring Puneet Raj Kumar is making records at box-office. The Puneet Raj Kumar and director Soori combination has struck gold and even in its third week this total entertainer is leading the pack, despite competition. Soori is happy that his idea of projecting Puneet in different light has been accepted by the audience and even the Power Star has delivered one of the best performances in his career. But Soori also insistes that the surprise element in the whole film is actress Bhavana who has given an amazing performance. Soori says that he is writing a new script which has been titled as Kenda Sampige for which he will be screening new talents.

Naveen Krishna gets busier

Actor Naveen is getting busier these days working in many films which have offered him different types of roles. Naveen has recently signed a new film “Shankru” in which he plays the role of a slum boy who lives near the Kengeri Sewrage Tank. Besides this film, Naveen has already finished her work in four more films. However, Naveen does not feel that these offers have come to him because he played the lead role in his Home Banner “Dhimaku” in which he had excelled in spoof and mimicry.

A comeback

Poonam who was Sudeep's heroine in “Vaali” has now returned to Kannada films. Now, her come back film “Gaaja Bajaana” has been released last week. She also plays an important role in “Aaptha” which has Pooja Gandhi playing the leading role. She is being paired with Neeraj in another Kannada film “Aaptha” in which Pooja Gandhi plays the main role.

Seven years ago Poonam was a busy heroine in Kannada films. She was launched in Telugu in a successful film like “Shivarama Raju” with Jagapathi Babu in the lead. She has had successful careers in both the industries.

New film

Just four days after the release of Jackie, Vajreshwari combines banner launched a new film starring Puneet Raj Kumar which is the remake of “Nadodigal”. The film started its shoot immediately after its launch on October 18. The Kannada remake of “Nadodigal” is being directed by Maadesh who had earlier directed Puneet's successful film “Raam”.

Maadesh has picturised many sequences featuring the film's heroine Radhika Pandit, Yogish, Sreenagara Kitty and Sharadamma along with Puneet Raj Kumar has been filmed in Brindavan House in Gandhi Bazaar, Bangalore. Meanwhile, Radhika Pandit is also shooting for “Addoori”.