Wardrobe wars

Though most actresses like the girl-next-door look in their films, and even insist on them, they seem to have a completely different wardrobe for film parties and functions.

With a new look in her forthcoming films, Pooja Gandhi has been making remarkably glamorous appearances at film functions as well. She was at her stunning best in the audio release function of her forthcoming film “Minugu” and also at the birthday bash thrown by actor Sreenagara Kitty, where she was accompanied by her younger sister and actor Radhika Gandhi.

Pooja’s fashion statements in the Kannada film industry are apparently tempting many other actresses to follow suit. Recently, Telugu actress Sheela, who is now acting in the Kannada film “Prem Kahani”, also created a flutter when she made a revealing dress.

Get my name right!

“I don’t know why many people still spell my name wrong. I am Aindrita, not Andrita. And even some of my film promos have been spelling my name wrong!” says a very miffed Aindrita, who’s sailing on the success of her film “Junglee” released early this year. Aindrita’s stature in the industry soared after this hit and immediately she signed two films “Manasina Maatu” and “Dhool” immediately. The filming of “Manasina Maathu” has just been completed and “Dhool” will be launched this 24th. In “Dhool”, which is a remake of the Tamil hit “Tiruvizhaiyaadal Arambhamshe”, she will be paired with Yogish.

Voting for Kannada

Sanchitha Padukone shares her famous surname with Bollywood’s Deepika Padukone, but this Bangalore-based actress wants to concentrate on Kannada films. “I did get some offers in Tamil and Telugu, but I am going slow with them. I am now working in my first Telugu film,” says the dusky actress who has just finished working on her Kannada film “Raavana” directed by Yogeesh Hunasur. Sanchitha is quite excited about her dream role in “Raavana”. “I had to prepare a lot for the role. Sensing its importance, both Yogeesh Hunasur and the film’s producer Uday wanted me to train for it. The support I got as a debutante actress was good.”

Being a famous younger brother

Despite working in three films earlier, Balaji is still recognised as Ravichandran’s brother. But the actor is not worried. “When you are the younger brother of such a huge star and director, you are bound to be recognised that way,” says Balaji.

“Thankfully all my films had good openings because there has been a level of expectation from fans about my films,” says Balaji, who is now pinning hopes on his forthcoming film “Iniya”. The actor is paired with Pooja Gandhi.

“Iniya” is directed by Mussanje Mahesh, whose first film “Mussanje Maatu” was a big hit. Balaji plays the role of a focused lover who struggles hard to save his love till the end in “Iniya”. “I am confident of the film’s success. The songs, released recently, have also been liked. I have a strong feeling that family audience will support this film,” says Balaji.