It is a unique focus on creations, development and contraptions. Discovery Channel’s ‘How We Invented the World,’ uses state-of-the-art filming techniques, cinematic CGI and dramatisation to reveal the most iconic inventions and breakthroughs of the modern age. In the episode ‘Planes,’ November 9 at 8 p.m., viewers get to see how the invention has revolutionised global travel. How did the genius of the Wright brothers, a trip to the moon and a pair of frozen eyeballs make our dreams of flight a reality? The programme also introduces people who shaped each innovation in ways they could never have imagined. It explores the secrets of what is to come – from guns that check your DNA fingerprint before they can fire, to transparent planes that save fuel and allow passengers astonishing views of the world. It has been filmed around the planet and will be adapted and customised for each of the channel’s key territories. Audiences from London to Warsaw, from New York to Sydney, will watch customised versions with their own stories and local high profile experts.

In ‘Aircrash Confidential’ this week the spotlight is on ‘Take Off,’ November 12 at 9 p.m.

Take off is the most dangerous moment of any flight. But what makes the difference between success and disaster? The episode contains reconstructions of accidents.

Travel and Living Channel

She is TV host, writer and traveller, who will take viewers on an interesting journey. ‘Go Asia With Anita Kapoor,’ November 9 at 9 p.m., visits a continent that is throbbing with urban life. She will explore the new found prosperity, uncover lifestyles and secret getaways. From Mumbai to Hong Kong and Delhi to Bangkok, experience the mainstream trends that are redefining Asia.

In ‘Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,’ November 14 at 9 p.m., the host is on a quest. He is searching for the world's most unique flavours. As a chef and foodie, Andrew knows that one man's poison is another man's delicacy, but he isn't afraid to poke a little fun at the local fare or himself.

From world class restaurants to street carts and jungle markets, it's all about discovering and sharing the authentic experience. He has tried out a plate of fermented meats in Morocco. He bagged a few reptiles in Trinidad and Tobago, to make curried iguana and dumplings. In Mexico, he washed down some pig stomach tacos with beef head consommé. He sampled seven courses of snake in a small Vietnamese village. In Taiwan, he ate 1,000-year-old eggs and blood pudding on a stick and in Alaska, he has feasted on stinkheads, moose nose and reindeer pizza.