TRIBUTE Qualities that made the late N.S.Srinivasan great were recalled at the meeting.

Swararnavam and Thirana had organised the remembrance day of Vamshi Gana Nidhi N.S.Srinivasan, flautist, at Raga Sudha Hall on January 21. M.N.Padmanabhan, president, Thirana, welcomed the gathering and recalled his experiences with Srinivasan. M.S.Jayaraman said N.S. joined AIR (Hyderabad) as early as 1957 and was a thinking artiste who freely imparted his knowledge. It was apt that the event was organised in Chennai, where N.S. lived. He did copious research on the universality of music, Chinese music, Opera music and the origin and development of wind instruments and had produced many programmes about these on AIR. He also wrote several scholarly articles on these subjects. Flute maestro N. Ramani said that N.S. was a great friend with whom he attended several concerts. The genius Mali acknowledged Srinivasan as a great scholar and discussed many subjects related to music with him. A witty conversationalist, N.S. was the favourite of Hariprasad Chaurasia, renowned Hindustani flautist.Thanjavur Sri Sankara Iyer said N.S. was one of the few who strove and succeeded in the art of making an instrument sound like voice. For N.S., music was an upasana, he said. S.V.Krishnan (Raga Sudha) mentioned that N.S. never failed to appreciate the performance of younger artistes. The tributes were followed by a delightful veena concert by Srinivas and a glowing vocal duet by Aruna and Padma, both disciples of N.S.Srinivasan. They were accompanied by K.P.Nandini (violin) and Ramaiah Vittal (mridangam).S.SIVAKUMAR