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NOT AN ITEM Mumait Khan wants to try out new roles.
NOT AN ITEM Mumait Khan wants to try out new roles.


Mumait Khan shares her Telugu movie career plans.

Mumait Khan has always followed her heart and dreamed big. The background dancer-turned-item girl-turned-lead actress has been ten years in the industry with umpteen films to her credit. But, now Mumait says that she has had enough of ‘Maisamma IPS type’ of roles and now wants to do what her heart says – play the simple-normal south-Indian girl. She shocked onlookers and media by appearing in a pink saree, hair loosely tied , glycerine in her eyes talking demurely into the camera. Her new role is that of an ordinary bharatiya nari who turns a feminist. A poster outside the guest house where she is shooting has her face veiled in Taliban style abaya holding a sheaf of papers and protesting vociferously.

“I love doing item numbers, I can never give it up but I will put my foot down on any role that requires me to reveal just for the heck of it. I want to be flexible and not so rigid in missing out on what the industry has in mind for me, without losing myself,” remarks the actress.

She adds that people accepted her as a glamorous item girl and she just hopes they accept her in the new avatar too. “Mujhe ye nahin karna, mujhe who nahin karne..I will never say that. But I will definitely be sensible,” she explains.

She is currently shooting for a bilingual being directed Ethiraj Sampat Kumar, cinematographer and a graduate from FTII.

Mumait shed 17 kilos for the role and she’s glowing. She admits being uncomfortable in a sari and says she’s learning to carry it off well.

So has her sister Zubain taken her place, she played a moll in a recently released film? Mumait replies, “ Everyone has their place under the sun. She is my elder sister and she knows what she wants. I want my sister to do well in her career.”

Mumait Khan shared a love-hate relationship with the media, and most often kept herself away from interviews.

She even burst out in a scene in Neninthe as an actress who attempts suicide. There she blamed the media, the websites for her distress and depression. Particularly, the websites and blogs have unleashed their imagination and creativity on her, not once caring to cross check the information.

“They don’t even know me well to write so much about me. If that is their job let them do it but not stoop to such level that a person starts hating himself. I too come from a good family. People have assumed a lot about me. Because I wear bold clothes, they think I’m bohemian and start criticising me.

Stay with me, be my friend, see the way I treat you. I am a simple and normal person. Abhi tak maine aisa role nahin kiya hai. I never thought I would get a chance like this, and now I have got it I am working hard on it. I wasn’t serious about my roles before, where I was working for a livelihood but now I’m doing it seriously. I’m strong on B and C classes, now I’m aiming for the multiplex audiences,” she signs off.



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