Vocal Himabindu’s spontaneity was laced with apt raga presentation.

Vignana Samithi arranged a vocal recital by Kodavatiganti Himabindu, last week.

Himabindu’s soothing vocals and display of good grip on technicalities and grammar is complemented by her spontaneous skill in presenting raga and swara extempore.

Himabindu began her concert with a rare Nagaswaravali varnam, Sarasakshi , written by Dhenuvakonda Chinnayya Pantulu, a great scholar, who wrote many varnams and kritis on Venuogopalaswamy. This varnam sounded pleasant, with classic appeal and she presented the swarakalpana in two speeds with ragabhava.

Later she presented Sri Mahaganapthe in Abhogi, Jhampe talam, with swaras. She chose Athana for delineation for Anupama Gunambudhi of Thyagaraja and gave fine picture of the raga in her extensive rendition. This was followed by Arunachalanatham ’ in Saranga of Dikshitar and Makelara Vicharamu of Thyagaraja in Ravichandrika. Then she crossed over to the main number; Koluvamaregada in Thodi of Thyagaraja. She delineated the raga moving through melodic phrases that were heartening.

The kirtana rendition was quite expressive. The neraval at Srikarudavu Thyagaraja , added to its devotional impact. She ended with fine sets of kalpanaswaras in lower and higher speeds that focused at her creative skills. Violinist Rajasekhar’s approach for Thodi too complemented the vocalist. Srinivas’ support on mridangam was highlighted with his tani avartanam. Himabindu also presented Annamacharya’s Nagavulu Nizmani Nammeda in Yaman and concluded with Balamurali’s Brindavani tillana.