Vinod Khanna is back. Playing safe with a don in "Risk", releasing this Friday.

So, it took Vinod Khanna a meatier role to reappear on the silver screen. It needed "Risk". It needed Vishram Sawant's latest film to bring the hero back to the public. The film that releases this Friday, has the seasoned actor in the role of Khalid, an underworld don who challenges the police and investigation agencies' intelligence. Khalid, who despite being a villain has his softer side, "the human face", as Khanna prefers to call it. "My role in `Risk' is that of an underworld don. I find it unique because it has a lot of shades, both good and grey. So, I wouldn't call him `bad'. The character has a human face also. Therefore, I found it very challenging as an actor to find a balance between two shades and agreed to do it," says Khanna about the role.

Never portrayed

He vouches that Khalid is an interesting character, which has never been seen on the screen before. "You will find him fictional but still real." To give it a required look, "I put on eight kilos and didn't sleep a few nights, because I had to look that way!" All praise for his co-actor Randeep Hooda, Khanna thinks that the role was tailor-made for him."Randeep Hooda is a very intense actor and when you see his performance, you will be spellbound. As a matter of fact all actors have been cast correctly. This is the first time after my first film that I worked with actors I have never worked or even met before. On the sets, I felt like a newcomer again! It felt like magic to be in front of the camera once again. I had a great director and production team to top it all," he says, obviously delighted.Though Khanna's love for acting has made him come back to the silver screen, he doesn't agree that now Bollywood is ready with roles specially designed for the senior actors.

No good roles

He, however, agrees, a beginning is definitely being made. "I don't think that Bollywood is penning really good roles for all senior actors. Only some of our senior actors had meatier roles than the hero! It all depends on the script, but yes, today writers are penning powerful roles for good actors."How good Khalid proves for Khanna is yet to be seen.