Music ‘Rasikapriya', Vijayawada's cultural association presented a classical music rendition by K. Muralidhar. P. Surya Rao

One more cultural association Rasikapriya started a few months ago in Vijayawada and has been active in arranging a variety of programs like classical music, light songs, film songs and occasional dances.

This month's program of Rasikapriya founded by vidwan Manda Krishnamohan with T. V. Subramanyam as the treasure. The program was a vocal concert by K. Muralidhar of Bangalore. Muralidhar is also an accomplished vainik and an ‘A' grade artiste of the Bangalore Akashvani.

His concert started with Abhogi varnam followed by Vatapi in Hamsadhvani, Sri Galandhara a composition of Mysore Maharaja in Gambhiranata and Santa Durga Devi in a rare raga Sunadaranjani. Muralidhar's voice was bright and sonorous but in some places there was slackness in the laya. Another rare keertana Muralidhar sang was Rajaraja Rajite in Putrika a less known raga.

The sub main item in the concert was well rendered Mohana keertana Evarura adorned with fine raga delineation and swaras. After rendering Vasudevachar's Devadideva in Sunadavinodini the vocalist opted for Thyagaraja's Madhyamavathi composition Rama Kadha Sudha for the main item.

The raga was rendered bringing out the bhava well. Crisp mathematical patterns marked the swara kalpana.

The main item concluded with an efficient tani by mridangam artist N. S. Kalyanaraman. Violin following by P. Nageswara Rao was fine. One does not know whether it is deliberate , but almost all the ragas Muralidhar rendered in the concert were audava ragas (ragas with only five notes) like Hamsadhvani, Abhogi, Mohana, Sunadavinodini and Madhyamavathi. He could have included at least a couple of vakra ragas or Bhashanga ragas making the concert more interesting. Muralidhar concluded the concert with a Devaranama and a ragamalika.