The feral is always fascinating, more so because it belongs to a familiar region. Animal Planet’s ‘India: Wild Encounters,’ March 31 at 7 p.m., takes viewers into terrains that are wonders and wonderful, tough, harsh and delightful. In natural or reserve forests, sanctuaries, rivers and seas or mountains and the Ghat areas, live all kinds of terrifying and beautiful creatures.

Follow in the footsteps of Jeff Corwin, Austin Stevens and Dave Salmoni as they set out on an adventure. They uncover engrossing stories of a rhino’s journey from infancy to adolescence, Ranthambhore’s big cats, tigers of Sunderbans and the elephants of North East India.

They showcase the endangered river dolphins of river ganges, the weird looking gharial, which is a crocodile with a narrow, tooth-studded snout and the king cobra that lives in the remote forests of South India.