Balamurali’s work, ‘ Tillanas in 72 melakartas ’, seems to have inspired Nallan Chakravartula Murthy, an experienced musician, scholar and performer, to write Varnams in all the Melakarta ragas. Murthy claims, in his prologue, that Balamuralikrishna heard him sing and appreciated his work and that later he got the blessings of his guru Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana, who called the compositions aesthetic, glowing with classical element. Murthy then got these 72 melas into MP3 CD.

Murthy’s ambition always has been to dig into the past and construct over it new conceptions transferred into a book DVD in MP3 format, an effort he also put on the CD. . The new varnams composed by Murthy have all the features that stimulate any musician. They carry their natural flow of music, and are easier to learn and sing than traditional varnams. The structures of these ‘base ragas’ are easily comprehensible.

An interesting aspect of Charana swaras is that all the Melakarta Varnams carry emotive element relevant to melakarta raga and its sahitya, like in traditional Varnams.

Sahitya found due importance, and each varnam has its ‘raga mudra’, its name appearing as part of sahitya, like in Rasikapriya, Kantamani, Bhava priya, Raghupriya, Vachaspati, Kosalam and so on.

The Varnam is more aesthetic its phrases give out comprehensible raga picture with ‘raga bhava’ and ‘sahitya bhava’. These varnams written and sung by Murthy enable any singer to go for higher speeds unlike the traditional ones. Musicians and students can take these Melakarta raga varnams.

G. S


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