O n National Geographic Channel's ‘Nat Geo Explorer,' the episode ‘ A Traveller's Guide to The Planets – Saturn,' on January 8 at 10 p.m., gives viewers an interesting insight. From Earth, Saturn's rings appear solid, but they are actually made up of chunks of rock and ice. They look spectacular, but navigating around them – and the planet's more than 60 moons – would be a nightmare.

In ‘Naked Science' the episode, ‘Dirty Bomb Attack,' on January 9 at 10 p.m. is a one-hour docudrama, where a fictionalised city in the United States is the target of a hypothetical radiological assault. It begins with a dramatisation of a car bomb detonating in a busy street and brings up the question, “what happens next?”

The answer is given through the lens of representative characters: a victim near the blast site, whose radiation symptoms develop over time; first responders who go into the hot zone to save lives and help with the clean up; a pregnant mother and her child living in a contaminated area who must be evacuated and forensic scientists, who comb through evidence to determine how lethal the attack was and who is responsible.

The programme paints an accurate and often gripping picture of the aftermath of the attack and gives viewers useful information in case one is faced with a similar disaster in the future.

In ‘Megastructures' this week', the episode is on ‘Miami Super Stadium,' on January 11 at 9 p.m. The Orange Bowl home to the Miami Dolphins for 21 seasons, and host of five Super Bowls is about to be demolished.

It's a monster breakdown job…with a deadline: In just four months, a demolition team needs to clear over a quarter million feet of stadium for a new one.

Everything must be salvaged or recycled, though. But before the team can break down the stadium, they'll have to save parts of it. About 50,000 leftover seats, nearly 100,000 square feet of turf, and eight ten-ton stadium light towers are recycled or resold. Using a combo of wrecking balls and mega machines, they' will cut, pull, and pummel this historic structure until it's a bowl full of rubble.

There is ‘Trouble in the Pride,' January 12 at 10 p.m., in ‘Lion Ranger' this week. Kevin Richardson shares such an extraordinary bond with his lions so much so that he is accepted as part of the pride.

But now the Kingdom of the White Lion, where they live in South Africa, is facing financial troubles and its future is under threat.