Indians with weight loss resolutions for the New Year have received a shot in the arm with the home-coming of a revolutionary fitness regime that has taken the west by storm in recent years. `Bhangra for fitness's' `Masala Bhangra Workout,' created by Sarina Jain has been released on DVD. The `Masala Bhangra Workout' (MBW) is a mix of traditional Punjabi folk dances and the usual fitness mantras aimed at toning the physique besides being a great calorie burner and muscles and stamina builder.A single workout session can burn up to 500 calories per hour. The DVD, released by Excel Home Videos, was unveiled by the founder at a bookstore in Delhi.

The Pioneer

Sarina Jain, born and brought up in Los Angeles, pioneered the initiative following the untimely death of her father due to a cardiac arrest. This grave loss set her reflecting on the need for fitness in daily routine.After completing her studies in marketing and public relations, she launched Masala Dance & Fitness, Inc., in January 1999. Since then, Sarina has directed and produced a series of `Masala Bhangra Workout' videos and relocated to New York to successfully cultivate a larger audience for Masala Bhangra. Sarina is the first South Asian fitness icon to introduce Indian dance to fitness enthusiasts across the world. She is the resident "Fitness Guru" for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Asian Radio Network and hosts the popular "U2U" segment on the South Asian television program V-Desi beside being featured on the list of `Top 50 coolest desis.' The DVD features various types of workouts including a Bollywood style workout and is available at leading book stores across the country.