I s there such a thing as global consciousness? No, we are not in for socio-political debate. It is all about sixth sense! Discovery Science has come up with the new season of awe-inspiring series, ‘Through The Warmhole with Morgan Freeman', which unravels mysteries that have captivated the mankind for eternity.

Questions such as what is time and is there life after death, have been tackled in a scientific fashion through principles of neuroscience and quantum physics without dropping too much technical jargon.

Narrated by Academy Award winning Freeman in his inimitable style, the 10-part series could well be a guide through the baffling ways of our complex universe.

Matter of principles?

NDTV has announced its annual Indian of the Year Awards. As expected, Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal were declared as Indian of The Year 2011 for their exceptional contribution towards the society in the past year. Dev Anand and Rahul Dravid were honoured with Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Now Hazare and Kejriwal stand for a corruption-free country. Is it advisable to accept the award from a media house, whose group editor was found mediating with the government for a PR professional, who represents political parties and corporate houses?

The channel called it ethical news gathering. Is it ethical for Hazare and Kejriwal?