Discourses were held during the three-day Sankranti fete.

Sri Lalitha Peetham that runs under the divine aegis of Sri Sri Sri Siddheswarananda Bharatiswamy in Visakhapatnam, witnessed enlightening discourses on `Godavaibhavam', `Radhatatwam' and `Sivanandalahari' in its premises during the three-day Sankranti fete last week, thanks to the all out initiative taken by its manager Vadarevu Subba Rao well assisted by his deputy Vissa Ramachandra Rao. Recitals of devotional music preceded the discourses.In his discourse on `Godavaibhavam', Sriman Tirumala Peddinti Narasimhacharyulu, evocatively elucidated the life history of the 12 Alwars. He described at length Andal's life, the way she soulfully accomplished the 30-day Dhanurmasavratam and how on the last day of the vratam on which she achieved the divine bliss of getting married to Lord Krishna is celebrated as Bhogi every year. His discourse was preceded by a recital by J. Lakshmiprasanna and P. Suryaprabha.P. Premakumar Bhargav, after the recital of devotional music by Sobha Krishnamurty and Ch. Sandhya Sundari, on the second day evening spoke on Radhatatwam. He highlighted how philosophy gained popularity in south India. Describing how Radha was married to Sri Krishna by Brahma in Bhandeeravanam, he explained how she stands adored as the one who personifies the ever-lasting blissful joy in Krishna who in turn feels happy in sharing it with His devotees. Bhargav also elaborated on the missionary zeal with which the philosophy is being extensively propagated all over the globe by the Kurtala Peetha Sankaracharya Sir Sri Siddheswarananda Bharatiswamy.Third day evening witnessed a similar discourse on Sivanandalahari by Sriman A.V.R.J. Satyanarayana after the recital by Upadrashta Rukmini.A.R.S.