Music Shashidhara Kote sang Purandara Dasa compositions with gusto.

Kaveri Kannada Sangha held Purandar Dasa Aaradhana on an impressive note marking his 449th death anniversary at Kaveri auditorium Visakhapatnam. Purandara Dasa, the 15th century saint composer is of superlative acumen in the realm of Carnatic classical music. Imbued with devotional fervour, his compositions are unique in their own right. As part of the Aaradhana, Bengalore-based Shashidhara Kote sang chosen compositions with gusto. With an emphasis on the devotional content, he essayed to bring out the diverse dimensions of grace and grandeur imbedded the compositions in a detailed manner. He began with Gajavadana Beduve in raga Hamsadwani.

Be it raga Madhyamavati or or Hindola, whatever the raga, he explored the raga bhava in relation to lyrical nuances of the composition being sung.

This heightened its emotional appeal in good measure. Good diction and intonation lent an edge to his spirited rendition. That he revels in singing was evident in every turn. Venkataramana in raga Saveri, Talu talu in raga Durga, Madhukara Vrithi in raga Hindola, Bhagyada Lakshmi in Madhyamavathi and Bandanena Ranga in raga Anandabhairavi and other numbers formed the fare for the session.

K Satyavishal on violin and Tirumalarao on tabla lent good support.

V. S.