Fete The annual Thyagabrahma Aradhana Mahothsavam in Kalpathy featured stalwarts and up-and-coming musicians who paid melodic tribute to Tygaraja. P. Vijayambika

D evotees of music paid homage to Tyagaraja at a week-long Thyagabrahma Aradhana Mahothsavam at Rajaramswamikalmadhom (Hanuman temple), Kalpathy. This is the 88th year of the festival that was founded by Rajaram Swamikal, a disciple of Tyagaraja. The structure of the festival is similar to that of the festival at Thiruvayyaru.

A two-day Sangeetha upanyasam on ‘Thyagarajavaibhavam' saw Embar Kasthurirangan demonstrating the structure, handling of ragas and lyrics in Tyagaraja kritis.

The festival had music lovers soaking in 12 concerts by stalwarts as well as up-and-coming musicians. The festival began with a nadaswaram recital by Sakthivel. This was followed by a concert by Trichy Ganesan. T.H. Subrahmaniam (violin), Kallekkulangara Unnikrishnan (mridangam) and Payyannur Govindaprasad (morsing) provided excellent accompaniment.

Ganesan's erudite renditions, especially the fast briga-laden ragalapana, and kritis that are embellished with swarasancharas in rhythmic patterns are noteworthy.

‘Tulasidalamulache' (Mayamalavagoula), ‘Dinamani Vamsa' (Harikamboji), ‘Rama Ninne Namminanu' (Huseni) and ‘Maravairi Ramani' (Nasikabhushani) were rendered with manodharmaswaras. These compositions were followed by a rendition of the rare composition ‘Vinave O'Manasa' in Vivardhini.

‘Amma Ravamma' (Kalyani) and ‘Marajevatana'(Kedara) had mellifluous ragalapana and an excellent accompaniment on the violin. ‘Ramakadhasudha' in Madhyamavathy was followed by a superb tani.

Up-and-coming youngsters Vignesh Swaminadh, Viswesh Swaminadh, Adarsh Dilep (violin) and Aravind (mridangam) performed on the second day.

Emphasis on bhava

Their concert was followed by a concert by Pranavom Sankaran Namboothiri. He was accompanied by R. Swaminadhan (violin), Hariharalakshmanan (mridangam) and Suresh (ghatam). The vocalist captured the rasikas' attention with his resonant voice, diction and bhava-laden singing.

The vocalist brought out the subtle nuances of the ragas Hindolam, Mohanam and Bhairavi in the kritis ‘Manasuloni,' ‘Matimatiki Theluva' and ‘Thanayunibrova,' respectively. He also rendered ‘Lavanya Rama' (Poornashadjam), ‘Smaranesukhamu' (Janaranjani), ‘Evarani' (Devamruthvarshini), ‘Varanarada'(Vijayasree), and ‘Anupama Guna'(Adhana). An alapana in Bhairavi brought to fore the rakthi of the raga. An elaborate niraval was followed by tani.

A concert by Aliparambu Anilkumar with Kodunthirappally Subbaraman (violin) and Saiprasad (mridangam) was followed by a scintillating concert by Mathangi Sathyamoorthy, who was accompanied by R. Sindhu (violin), Maheshkumar (mridangam) and Dipu (ghatam) on the third day.

Coming from the same school as Trichy Ganesan, Mathangi charmed listeners with her rich voice and musical prowess. A delineation of Hamsadhwani (‘Raghunayaka'), Bhairavi (‘Koluvai') and Mohanam (‘Nannu Palimpa') unfurled the splendid shades of the ragas. The musician weaved sharp gamakas and fast brigas into the pieces, in which she also displayed her ability in dwelling on the lower octaves. Mahesh and Dipu came up with a brilliant tani.

Perfect sruthi

A concert by Savitha Sreeram was followed by a concert by Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna on the next day. Savitha was accompanied by Guruvayoor Rajamani (violin) and Vineeth (mridangam). Savitha's supple voice and perfect sruthi alignment impressed the audience.

Her rendition of Kamboji, complete with ragabhava, touched several octaves and earned her applause.

Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna's concert had lively renditions that stuck to tradition. He was accompanied by Kodunthirappally Subbaraman (violin), Ambathur Babu (mridangam) and Parameswaran (ghatam). ‘Ninne bhajanaseya'(Natta), ‘Dinamani Vamsa' (Harikamboji), ‘Nannubrovani' (Abhogi) and ‘Etijanmamithi' (Varali) led to the highlight of the concert – an elaboration of Bhairavi (‘Rakshapettare') that had sancharas and a crisp niraval. This was followed by tani.

Shobha Ramesh, Anoop Bhaskaran (violin) and Parameswaran (mridangam) performed on the final day of the festival.

Shobha captivated the audience with her mellifluous voice. Sankarabharanam (‘Swararagasudha') was the highlight of her concert.

This was followed by an erudite concert by Bharath Sunder. Rahul (violin), Harinarayanan (mridangam) and Anirudh (ghatam) accompanied him.

His elaboration of Panthuvarali and Thodi were noteworthy.

‘Enthara' (Harikamobji), ‘Guruleka' (Gourimanohari), ‘Ninnanera' (Panthuvarali) and ‘Dvaithamu' (Reethigowla) were rendered by the vocalist. The selection showcased his technical expertise. Harinarayanan and Anirudh performed an excellent tani. The festival came to a close with Anjaneyothsavam.