Dance Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam were both presented by disciples of Uma Rama Rao.

Lasya Priya presented a grand show, a milieu of dances called ‘Nrutyam Darsayami’. Artistes from the city as well as from USA and UK, all direct and indirect students of Kuchipudi guru Uma Rama Rao focussed on Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. Performances of Bharatanatyam artistes like Vijay Paalaparti and Nalini Prakash were simply brilliant. Vijay’s ‘Saraswathi Vandanam’ clubbed with Pushpanjali kickstarted the evening. . US-based Vijay appeared to have been trained well by guru Sudharani Raghupati of Chennai. His moves in jatis to perfect rhythm were a treat to watch. This was followed by the pleasant ‘Siva Kautvam’ presented by Vijay, joined by Nalini Prakash, presently in USA. Incidentally the entire show was presented to pre-recorded music.

Later Ahna Golla presented the popular Kuchipudi number Athana Jatiswaram. Jatis and swaras found apt foot work as her slender body and expressive eyes drew good applause.

Then Jayadeva’s Ashtapadi ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’, presented by Karina Acharya, fifteen year old daughter of Uma’s late younger sister Suguna also a Kuchipudi dancer. Karina has all the traits of a Kuchipudi dancer, good figure and expressive eyes and sense for beauty. All these traits could be seen in her abhinaya of child Krishna and in Krishna’s later life. It was again the turn of Vijay and Nalini to present the show piece of Bharatanatyam, a varnam in raga Thodi. This centered on goddess Durga. The lyric gave space to all emotions, Sringara to Bhibhatsa. The laya, Shruti and Bhavam all filled the number in flashes. It was a Tamil kirtana of Madurai N.Krishnan in Thodi. After the rendition of Pallavi, the duo went for longish spells of jatis distributed between charanas. This was followed by Tillana of Balamurali in Brindavana Saranga, presented by USA-based Uma Vyjayanthimala. Her posturing, as part of nritta spells, spoke her sense for rhythm coupled with elegance.

Later, a mini ballet in Bharatanatyam style under the title ‘Acharya Trayam’ written by Samudrala Madhavi Ramanujacharya, conceptualised by Chinna Jeeyar Swamy was presented by Madhavi Ramanujam as Srimannarayana, Keerti as Srimahalakshmi and with Anusha, Sowmya, and Divya Tejaswi. The reference to Acharyas (Gurus) comes when mother earth pleads for spreading wisdom among people, summoning Adi Seshu to take birth as Acharyas in different periods. The event opened with a homage paid to the devotees who had lost their lives on their visit to Chaar Dham. The show was put up at Telugu University’s auditorium last week.


Performances by artistes like Vijay Paalaparti and Nalini Prakash were brilliant