Some instrumentalists impress with their depth, some with their swiftness and some others with their `gnana.' Geetha Bennett's veena recital at Nani Palkhiwala Auditorium, Coimbatore, under the aegis of Rajalakshmi Fine Arts, had all the three qualities. The karvais and gamakas that were born out of her firm `meettus' touched the heart straight.In the first piece navaragamalika varnam, `Valachi Vachi,' she gave an indication of what kind of fare she was going to present that evening. After offering guruvandana with `Gurulekha Etuvanti' in Gowrimanohari, she presented the pancharatna kriti, `Entharo Mahanubhavulu' in Sriragam (both by Tyagaraja). The crisp Hamsanadham preceded the popular kriti, `Bantureetikolu' (Tyagaraja) and the melodious Begada filled the auditorium before `Tyagarajaya Namasthe' (Dikshitar) unfolded itself through her deft fingers.Geetha explained the difference between the janaka raga `Bhavapriya' and the janya raga `Bhavani' before presenting her father, Dr. S. Ramanathan's composition, `Bhavapriye Bhavani' in Bhavani. Chakravakam received an elaborate treatment and Tyagaraja's `Etulabrothuvo Thelia' that followed it was wholesome.Neyveli Narayanan on the mridangam and N.Guruprasad on the ghatam presented a long and scintillating tani. B. RAMADEVI