Crime and compassion

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Grappling with the evilSharad Kelkar
Grappling with the evilSharad Kelkar

Unlike the other crime shows on air, the newly launched “Shaitaan – A Criminal Mind” on Colors is something different. Sharad Kelkar, the host of the show, reveals the inside story. Meanwhile, he says, he is also busy with the third part of “1920 Evil Returns”. The actor who says he is happy whether appearing on the small or the big screen, was in recently. Excerpts from a chat:

Tell us something about the show and why it appealed to you…

As the name suggests it is a crime show and it deals with very brutal cases, the cases of serial killers, habitual killers and psychopaths. The show will feature criminal cases but the basic emphasis is on the psychology of the criminal. What were the circumstances and what all was going in the mind of a criminal when he committed the crime? Moreover, it questions the audience that many crimes could have been stopped if the criminals had got emotional support and been dealt with lovingly and with understanding of their emotional state. There are many cases I had gone through and I found many of them were not criminals and they could have been stopped if people close to them had taken care of them in the initial stage itself when they had shown that criminal tendency. The USP of the show is that it explains why that crime was committed. Simply narrating the story is not done, there is always a reason behind a crime and this show has gone through every loophole of the crime. There is a lot of research work and we have a team of researchers, psychiatrists and psychologists who have been working on the show for the past eight-nine months. I am just a reader. This show is very different from the other crime shows and more human.

So is it similar to “Gumrah” on V?

Gumrah deals with the cases of teenagers and kids but “Shaitaan” deals with the stories of criminals of all ages.

Is there a story that particularly touched you?

All the stories are such that will compel viewers to think, but there is a story which really touched me: The story of a boy from Bengal, his transition from an innocent boy to a hardcore criminal, the treatment he got in his family and surroundings, what all confusions and anxiety were going on in his mind. I was shocked to know the point of view of that boy.

You played an evil character in “1920 Evil Returns” and the film was a hit. What is your opinion about it?

Yes, we were hoping that the movie would do good at the box office and luckily it was a hit and a super hit now. Vikram has a specialisation in this horror kind of genre.There are quite a lot of similarities between “Shaitaan” and the character I play in the movie, and the character in “1920…” helped me a lot in understanding the mind of a criminal.

You have replaced Mohnish Behl in Sony’s “Kuch To Log Kahenge”. Was it difficult to adjust, to play the character the way he did?

To be very honest I never watched what Mohnishji did and I never enquired about his performance. I did my own stuff and it was a new show for me. When you replace a character it is just like playing a new character and you have to adjust yourself in it. I would thank the audience that they welcomed me and gave me so much love. The only similarity between the two of us was the name and the basic nature of the character.




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