Go on a fascinating tour and discover life everywhere, from the parched Sahara to the abundant rainforests of Congo: Tuareg caravans, desert elephants, the mighty River Nile and dignified gorillas. Discovery Channel’s ‘Wildest Africa,’ May 29 at 9 p.m., unveils the land at its most beautiful and diverse.

‘Okavango: Water in the Desert,’ shows how the Okavango Delta is a huge emerald oasis in the burning heart of the Kalahari desert. ‘Namibia: Sands of Time,’ revolves round the place that has been inhabited for thousands of years by people and animals.

‘Ngorongoro: Born of Fire,’ is a crater that was formed from a large volcano, whose cone collapsed inward after a major eruption, leaving the present vast, unbroken hollow as its landmark.

‘Zambezi: River of Life,’ is wild and spills over Victoria Falls. The Zambezi River is traversed several times by one of the world’s most epic natural events: the wildebeest migration.

‘Virungas: Land of Ice and Fire,’ takes viewers to the Virunga National Park. It is notable for its chain of active volcanoes and the greatest diversity of habitats.

‘Nile: An African Odyssey,’ looks at the longest river in the world at 6,700 kilometres.

‘Madagascar: Island of Monsters,’ offers a view of the world's fourth largest island that is separated from Africa by hundreds of kilometres of sea.

‘Mount Kenya: African Heart of Ice,’ provides a dramatic sight of Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain rise in the world at 4,600 metres. Nestling in its foothills is Tsavo National Park that boasts of volcanic hills, four rivers, more than 60 major mammal species and 1000 plant species.

‘Cape Coast: Where Worlds Collide,’ showcases the abundant marine species to be found off Cape Coast, Ghana, including the Great White Shark.

‘Congo: the Untamed Heart,’ uncovers the world's second largest river system - the Congo River. ‘Sahara: Life on the Edge,’ showcases one of the hottest and driest places on earth. Yet there is life here.

‘Lake Turkana: Land of the Crocodile,’ focuses on the world's largest permanent desert lake and largest alkaline lake. They are found in the north of Kenya's Rift Valley lakes. It is also known to be packed with large Nile crocodiles, thousands of them.

‘Ethiopia: Land of Extremes,’ visits the Ethiopian Highlands, which are a rugged mass of mountains in Ethiopia, Eritrea and northern Somalia in the Horn of Africa. Plants and animals from different directions colonised the separate massifs.