Dance Artistes of different dance traditions pay tribute to Kuchipudi maestros. T. Appala Naidu

Seasoned artistes paid tributes in their respective dance styles to the three Kuchpudi maestros, who passed way last year, at a recent three-day Tanisha Yuva Mahotsav-2013, held at Kuchipudi village in Krishna District.

Artistes from across India and abroad made it to the small village where this dance form was born and ensured that they gave their best.

Known for her footwork and expressions, Bangalore-based Rekha Raju provided a visual treat with Chollakattu and Harivarasanam of Mohiniyattam. It was a stellar performance, with her displaying exuberance while delivering the greatness of Mohiniyattam, in front of the viewers who had diverse classical dance experience. She had the audience captivated throughout her performance. Jawaharlal Nehru Manipuri Academy, Imphal, Ballet Troupe Assistant Director Oja N. Amusana Devi and student Sudip Ghosh’s performances of the Manipuri dance style showed a range of human emotions.

Ghosh’s perfection in delivering the Krishna Avisar, in which Lord Krishna meets Radha, Astapatdi and Dasavataraalu were a few notable pieces. In the meanwhile, young Bharatanatyam exponent Muruga Sankari from Chennai was a dance connoiseur’s delight with her appealing attire and good abhinaya. This was undoubtedly one of her best presentations. In her portrayal of Sankara Srigiri, Sankari had mirrored all the feelings, emotions and sensibilities in her distinct style.

Manavi Chesukorada and Neemaatalemayanuraa were an ode to the power of a woman dancer at the fest. Giving a local touch to the Tanisha Festival, Kuchipudi exponent Lalitha Sindhuri came up with her unique solo performance, which received critical acclaim from experts and elders of the village. Sindhuri presented Ananda Tandavam and Sri Ganapathini Sevincharare meticulously.

The undercurrent of the fest was that it witnessed performances by the three Pandit Bismillakhan Yuva Puraskarees (all belonging to Kuchipudi village) — Eleswarapu Srinivasulu, Chinta Ravi Balakrishna and K. Subrahmanya Prasad. Towards the end of the show, Akhila Bharata Kuchipudi Natyalaka Mandali, Kuchipudi Secretary P. Kesava Prasada also announced that henceforth the Mahotsav would be conducted every year.


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