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Art Seventeen artists display their work and contribution to the world of contemporary art. SOHINI CHAKRAVORTY

Water colour painting - Irani Cafe by B. Akshay Singh Anand.
Water colour painting - Irani Cafe by B. Akshay Singh Anand.

A long stretch of blue wall that surrounds a construction site and a few scattered hoardings around it with the expansive stretch of the city skyline in the background interrupted by a severe grey water trunk and a few dotted building receding into the cloudy space. An eclectic representation of pop art and a work of acrylic on canvas by Maredu Ramu adorn the wall of the Minaaz Art Gallery as a part of its current exhibition.

The works of 16 other contemporary artists are also part of the exhibition.

Distinct style

The distinct style and the choice of subjects and lack of a general theme distinguish one artist from the other.

Though portraits on different media dominated the exhibition, artistic muse were also reflected on the urban and rural landscapes with elements of nature imbibed in the paintings. B. Akshay Anand Singh's painting of the Jumerat Bazaar Chowraha captured order among chaos of the Old City defined by distinct ink lines and mellowed colours. His water colour painting of an Irani café exuded nostalgia and captured the bustle and old world charm of the rapidly diminishing culture that surrounded old cafes of the city.

Young artists like Aasha Radhika, Maredu Ramu also found a platform in the exhibition. Lord Krishna's life in Mathura through a series of paintings was the highlight of Shashikala Devi's display.

The artists used intricate designs and used natural inks which were incidentally made by the artist herself. M. Krishna Reddy's work centred on sunflowers.

A burst of violent yellow dominated the canvas and subdued shades of yellow sunflowers faded in the background making the paintings bright and vibrant.

Gouri Vemula captured nature using pen and ink, with sketches portraying silent brooding trees and darkness of the jungle. Bright motifs and generous use of colours were the highlight of Fawad Tamakanat and P.J. Stalin. Charcoal works by T. Vaikuntam and R. Pachpande were the other exhibits.

The other artists have dabbled into different art forms and used a variety of media to narrate their story. The exhibition at the Minaaz Art Gallery is open till January 15, 4 to 7 p.m.



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