Celebrating a legend

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Novel rendition A sincere attempt by young musicians.
Novel rendition A sincere attempt by young musicians.


Organisation SACRED pays rich homage to Annamacharya.

The event began with a goshti gaanam featuring eight gems of selected Annamacharya compositions

The Sri Annamacharya Centre for Research and Expositional Development (SACRED), an organisation run by group of young musicians led by T.P. Chakrapani, presented ‘Prapatti’, a rich tribute to the saint Annamacharya. Held at Ravindra Bharathi, the event remembered the great masters like Rallapalli Ananthakrishna Sharma, Sripada Pinakapani, Voletti and others who have immortalised Annamacharya’s compositions with their great music.

SACRED works mainly in the areas of study, research and exploration in a chosen field in confluence with other allied arts. SACRED has instituted Visishta Seva Purskaram in memory of contributions made by legends like Rallapalli Ananthakrishna Sarma, Puttaparti Narayanacharyulu and V. P. Raghavacharyulu. The first recipient of these awards is Sripada Pinakapani, for his contributions in the field of Carnatic music and musicology.

The event began with a goshti gaanam featuring eight gems of selected Annamacharya compositions, the music for which was set by stalwarts in Carnatic music. It was a devotional beginning to the day, with the songs including Vande Vasudevam in Sree Ragam (music set by Semmangudi), Vadevenkatadri in Vasantha (music by Dr. Pinakapani), Alamelumanga in Kalyani (music by Srirangam Gopalaratnam), and Paripoorna Garudadri in Desh (music by Chakrapani).

The songs were devoutly rendered by Panduranga Sharma, Ramaprabha, Chandrabhanu and others, with Radha Srinivas on the violin, Ravikiran on the flute, Burra Sriram on the mridangam, and Sridara Charya on the tabla.

The entire feature was made more interesting by the introduction and demonstration given by Dr. Raghavan, a learned Annamacharya scholar.

He explained the sukshma rahasyas of Annamacharya’s compositions.

SACRED’s official website was launched at the event, followed by T.P. Chakrapani’s special Annamacharya recital, with B.S. Narayanan on the violin, Syamkumar on the mridangam, and Sridhar on the tabla. Chakrapani, a disciple of Nookala, has wide knowledge and good modulation technique. He began with Bramha Poojinche in Sowrastra ragam, followed by a brief alapana of Lalitha in which he sung Anantha Madhura Asharyamidhi. Varali was detailed for a soothing ragaalapana for Emi Erugani Mammu with brisk swaram. Chakrapani’s knowledge was evident in his rendition for which he has set music.

On the whole SACRED made the evening extremely successful, with its sincere attempt to remember the great masters with their novel music rendition.



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