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Lacuna Coil- Dark Adrenaline

Virgin Records, Audio CD: Rs. 395

This Italian gothic metal band from Milan has come out with their sixth studio album which isn't very experimental; nonetheless it makes for a good follow-up post their 2009 album “Shallow Life”.

Off to an anthemic start is “Trip the Darkness”, which was released as the first single from the album. This is definitely nothing like anything they've dished up for their fans before. Cristina Scabbia's vocals take this track to uncharted musical terrain.

The hooks and grooves are widespread, especially in the chorus. Potent is the word! Next up is “Against You” where the guitar work backing the inimitable vocals makes this track worth many listens. The grinding riffs are pulsating and metalheads are bound to get addicted to it.

“Kill the Light” continues to maintain the mood of the album. With the juxtaposition of funky guitar work and soaring vocals, you come to see that the production has been elevated by many notches. “Give me Something More” reeks of their “Unleashed Memories” from 2001 while “End of Time” is reminiscent of “In a Reverie”.

Both these songs are musically mature, doing well for Lacuna Coil's reputation. “Upside-Down” is certainly the right-side-up! The chorus is discreetly catchy and that's a rare feat to achieve.

“I Don't Believe in Tomorrow” is super-dreary, but thanks to Scabbia, the otherwise grey musical clouds have a silver lining.

At first “Intoxicated” confuses you with its prelude but then come the soaring guitars and you know you're in Lacuna Coil territory. Christina manoeuvres meticulously through the complex soundscape of the verse.

Vocalist Andrea Ferro weaves his magic on “The Army Inside”. More Rock than Metal, this song is rather sublime. The only song on this album that's not their own is “Losing my Religion” by R.E.M. Doing a cover is a rather bold move but the arrangement has been crafted so well that this beautifully menacing number savours the essence of the original while simultaneously breaking new ground.

With “Fire”, the penultimate track on this album, when Scabbia sings: “Let the fire enter / Let the anger start to brew / Let your instincts break the rules / Let it rise and consume / Give into yourself,” you come to realise the band's adeptness at composing thought-provoking lyrics and prosaic rhythm.

The closer is “Spirit”, which is a rather slow-paced track but the beauty of it is that it gives this record some variety and adds depth to the overall sound. There's a lot to look forward to considering the album has been produced by Don Gilmore (“Linkin Park”, “Bullet For My Valentine”) and mixed by Marco Barusso (Modà, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti), both legends in their own right. “Dark Adrenaline” is sure worth a spin!




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