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Desi Rappers

BIG Music, Rs.150

Hip-hop and rap don’t really suit Indian voices unless the lyrics have a desi touch to them and the music an earthy, folk feel. And therefore United Desis’ debut album “Desi Game” might just do well in India. This album by BIG Music has fifteen fusion tracks with Punjabi, Hindi and English lyrics. The band comprises Mumbai-based rappers –Ques?ion and Graffiti Culprit. Also associated with United Desis is RSC or Rabbit Sack, who provided the pristine beats to the music, and produced the album as well. “Lemme be the one” is one song that is both groovy and smooth, and reminds one of the B21’s style of music. Another good song is “Desi”, which begins on a slow note and the earthy music has an appealing, soft tone throughout. “Main hoon tumhari Ft. RSC, Eva” is a hip, bouncy number. The deep female voice repeating ‘Main hoon tumhari’ really compliments the song by giving an Indian feel to it, and one can’t help but think of Raghav’s popular fusion music. Then there is “Ques?ion’s Interview (Skit)”, which is like a monologue that boasts of Mumbai city as the ‘New West Coast’. Another funky song is “One Vision”. Its Punjabi and English lyrics fuse well and the bubbly beats make the track really enjoyable. If something like soulful existed in hip-hop/rap genre, then this number sure would have been one. “Sohniye” is an instantly likeable song. One track to which you may either do bhangra or rap or both is “Your eyes Ft. Kacy”. This song is worth listening and dancing to. “This is how we”, with its well-handled loops and beats is great to listen to.




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