Art Shabnam Shah's abstract art works are inspired by music and the colour black.

T he paintings beg for a closer look. Lines and circles are juxtaposed in shades of black to create optical illusions on canvas. Shabnam Shah is an artist from Indore and ‘tale and the taal of black' is her first solo show in Hyderabad.

Designs on canvas

The paintings are mixed media in nature and acrylic, dry pastels, charcoal and black powder has been used to create patterns and textures.

The white in the paintings is from the canvas and black colour is applied in various ways to create the shapes and designs on canvas.

Swirls and curls, wavy lines and polka dots all find space in her paintings but Shabnam says the circle is an element common in all her paintings and the other shapes come to her in her imagination and are transferred on to the canvas.

She twists and distorts shapes to give a feel to the surface of the canvas and shapes almost pop out of the canvas.

Lines diverge and meet; circles intersect as she weaves her compositions. Her husband is a tabla player and her paintings are also inspired by the music he creates and has given rise to this collection.

Shabnam has been working with monochromes, halftones and her favourite shape ‘the circle' for the past decade and shows no signs of tiring. She says, “I think there are endless possibilities and so I continue exploring this area.” The show is on till January 30 at Daira Center for Art and Culture, 100 –A, Banjara Petals, Road no. 5, Banjara Hills. Contact 66618628 for more details.