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Family firstKarisma KapurPhoto: Kamal Narang
Family firstKarisma KapurPhoto: Kamal Narang

Veteran actor Karisma Kapur remains a diva. It’s hard to believe that more than two decades have passed since she entered Bollywood as the star child of one of the industry’s most celebrated families. But, stardom, marriage and motherhood notwithstanding, she looks every bit as stunning as she did 20 years ago. The mother of two believes this is a very different and exciting phase of her life. Here she speaks of her upcoming projects and the importance of family ties.

From Bollwood heroine to real-life mom is a big leap. How has it been? I am enjoying it. It is a very different phase of life, and as a mother I can say it is one of the best phases of my life. I feel that family is much more important. I spend a lot of time with my kids and I am very much aware what is going on in the life of their favourite cartoon characters, be it Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, ShinChan or any others. For me my family comes first and everything else is after that.

What about upcoming projects, like Satte Pe Satta?

As far as my career is concerned I am not in a hurry, and even if I have to do a movie I will do it next year. “Satte pe Satta” has been delayed and probably I will do it next year.

You have been endorsing a number of brands for babies. Would you recommend them personally?

Yes, definitely I recommend those products. Babies are so delicate and you cannot give them just anything. So I endorse only those products which I feel are suitable for them to use. Even I am a mother, and I cannot recommend any such thing which is not good for them to use.

Your movie “Dangerous Ishq” was based on past life regression. Do you believe in the concept?

Yes I do. Before doing the movie I studied a lot about past life. I actually researched to know more about it and I feel that there is something like past life and karma .

How would you describe the trends in Hindi commercial films these days? I am not observing Bollywood so closely so I cannot say much about it, but yes there will always be actors who will step out and try to do something new and different.

People say that item numbers are a new trend in Bollywood, but it is not something new; it is a trend being followed from time immemorial. Even I have done so many of them. But there has always been a trend of women-centric movies and that will never change. My movies like “Zubeidaa”, “Fiza” and many others were also women-centric.



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