T wo books on Carnatic music by Nallan Chakravarthy Murthy titled ‘Devi Murthy Nava Sudha Deepti' and ‘Nava Thana Varnamulu' were released recently at Sastri Hall, Mylapore.

Part of the NCM Music Series, the books have notations in English and Telugu.

‘Devi Murthy…' comprises nine new compositions dedicated to Goddess Kamalamba in a variety of ragas such as Nayaki, abheri, Natakurinji and Atana.

Varnams in janya ragas are found in ‘Nava thana …' The highlight is that some varnams are in swarantara ragas such as Mahati.

Nallan Chakravarthy hails from a family of scholars and musicians. He is a disciple of Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana.

He has over 300 compositions to his credit.