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Event The 380th birth anniversary of Saint Ramadas was marked by a vocal recital by Varanasi Venkateswarlu and Bukkapatnam Krishnamacharyulu.

Remembering Saint RamadasVocalists Chaitanya Brothers
Remembering Saint RamadasVocalists Chaitanya Brothers

With a chime of devotional exuberance in air, 380th birth anniversary of Saint Ramadas was celebrated on the premises of Gayatri Vidya Parishad Visakhapatnam. Exploring varied dimensions in a variety of kirtanas, renowned Chaitanya Brothers duo, Varanasi Venkateswarlu and Bukkapatnam Krishnamacharyulu sang with gusto as part of the celebration.

Disciples of Sangeetha Kala Nidhi Nedunuri Krishna Murthy, the duo handled every piece with an accent on lyrical nuances.

Be it a mood of supplication or that of romantic aura, the rasa bhava came to the fore. They began with Abbabba Ramanamam in raga Dhanyasi. Emayya Rama in raga Kambhoji came in such a captivating manner that the devotee’s sense of amazement at how the people around Rama could take Him as one among them rather than a divine being found an appealing expression.

The soft melody of raga Kapi for Neecharanamule Nammiti , meandered across the mindscape of a staunch devotee who submitted himself in total surrender at the lotus feet of the Lord. With grip over syntax and grasp of emotive contours of the ragas taken up, the duo presented a string of compositions and the fare included Entapanichesitivi in Nadanamakriya and Harihari Rama in Kanada.

Mavuduri Satyanarayana Sarma on violin, Mandapaka Ravi on mridangam and A. Anand on tabla lent commendable support. Earlier, students sang Antaa ramamayam in Varali, sreeramula divyanamamu in Asaaver, Paluike bangaraa in Anadabhaairav and Sriramanamame in raga Athana in unison.

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