Banking on the smile

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Rahat Kazmi.
Rahat Kazmi.

F ilm director Rahat Kazmi is ready with his movie “Impatient Vivek”,based on and meant for the young. His earlier project,his debut film “Dekh re Dekh” might not have fared well at the box-office , but the young director is excited about the current one releasing this Friday. Rahat was in the Capital recently to promote his latest release. Excerpts from the interview.

What is “Impatient Vivek” about?

The film is the story of a rich boy Vivek (Vivek Sudershan) who hopelessly falls in love with Shruti (played by Sayali Bhagat).After a cold response from the girl, the boy gets impatient and kidnaps the girl. His hasty actions leave him in a lurchand lead to nasty situations which form the basic plot . The film focuses on impatience and its consequences.

It is quite an aberrant topic — impatience. Impatience is a big part of life nowadays, especially among the youth. They are always in a hurry. Most of their decisions defy logic and are a result of impatience. The film sheds light on this aspect and its outcome. The film is full of twists and turns which form a comic plot and will leave the audience in splits.

Are comedies ruling the big screen at the moment?

Well may be, but comedy would not be the proper description for this movie. There is humour , but it is very intense and addresses a serious issue. It is based on a true story. Humour has been added to the plot so that it becomes all the more enjoyable. Binding the audience is an important task. So, yes there is laughter but not mindless comedy.

What is the USP of the film?

“Impatient Vivek” is a beautiful love story which at times tickles and at times touches the core of your heart. It is a cute film about transformation. Everybody can associate with the characters in the movie. The movie is very real and in any particular scene you can say, ‘hey this exactly happened to me.' The smile that comes on your face as you think this is the USP of the movie.

The cast of the film is young and new. How do you think the audiences are going to accept them and the movie?

In the past, especially in the last two years, we have seen only good films last at the box-office, irrespective of the cast. Many films flopped despite superstars and many (films) were successful without any (superstars). You can't fool the audiences . The movie has a good script with a strong message. The actors have given it their best. I hope the audiences shall give a good response.




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