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Unakkum Enakkum ...
Unakkum Enakkum ...

Unakkum Enakkum Genre: Romance
Director: M. Raja
Cast: `Jayam' Ravi, Trisha, Prabhu, Bhagyaraj
Storyline: A young man from London, meets a village belle, and is willing to do anything for love.
Bottomline: Romance takes an exaggerated step!A Prabhudeva original and a runaway hit in Telugu, Sri Lakshmi Productions — Jayam Company's `Unakkum Enakkum Something Something ... ' (U) kindles your curiosity. Young director M. Raja has a way of making remakes successful. And he also has a knack of naming his films differently that they catch your attention. So after `M. Kumaran, s/o Mahalakshmi' it is ` ... Something Something ... ' If it was Nadia in `M. Kumaran,' it is Prabhu who adds sheen to ` ... Something Something.' Love forces London-bred Santosh (Ravi) to live in the most appalling conditions, in a rustic milieu. Of course, being a hero he achieves the impossible and wins the woman's hand. That in a nutshell is the line ` ... Something ... ' tracks. The first hour, of course, is like a carnival. As the flirting, happy-go-lucky youngster who transforms into a responsible, hard working farmer, `Jayam' Ravi fills the bill. Dance is his other strong point. Svelte and stunning Trisha is a treat, especially as she is gaining skill in expressions, and elegance in dance. Switching over to character roles is an ingenious move on Prabhu's part. Serious and staid, he executes the strong, emotion-filled role of a loving brother in style. He reminds you of his great dad in many a sequence — Good show Mr. Prabhu! Bhagyaraj, however, has little to do. Humour runs as an undercurrent in ` ... Something ... ' and the subtlety tickles. Mallika as the maid in Kavitha's (Trisha) home also contributes to it. Very sensibly, Raja has done away with item numbers. Yet irrelevant episodes (like the lead pair running after a letter in the hands of the one-scene villain) upset the tempo.

An attraction

Novelty in song concepts (`Pooparikka Neeyum' is an example.) is an attraction. G. C. Anandan's art needs mention here. So does A. Venkatesh's camera. Fast numbers (Devi Sriprasad) lend a youthful touch, but songs per se are no great shakes. Santosh's horrid life in the dung den (absolutely nauseating!) evokes little sympathy, because most of it is self-inflicted. Couldn't he at least have got better food for himself? And couldn't the heroine done something more about it? The dignity of brother Prabhu takes a beating here. Raja chiselled brother Ravi with care and shaped him into a winning hero material in `Jayam.' Then followed more success with `Kumaran ... ' Ravi did not shine as much under other directors. So it's back to big brother who has done something about it. MALATHI RANGARAJAN



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