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Genre: Thriller
Director: Sami
Cast: Srikanth, Samvrutha, Sangita
Storyline: A happy family is a shambles because of the selfishness of one of its members.
Bottomline: A director's worthy debut!What impresses you most about Sri Balaji Cine Creations' `Uyir' is that all the character roles, including that of the comedian, have a purpose. And director Sami surprises you with a cleverly handled end. As a welcome deviation from the routine, the fiendish, wily woman in `Uyir' remains so till the end. A solid role for Srikanth and the young man makes the most of it. The same can be said of Sangita whose role was kept under wraps till the release. Sundar's (Srikanth) brother (Asim Sharma) has been taking care of him after their parents passed away. Sundar meets Anandhi (Samvrutha) and love blossoms. On the face of it, it's a picture perfect family with the caring sister in law, Arundhati (Sangita), and their daughter Aishwarya, whom uncle Sundar dotes on. But soon things go haywire.

Tightrope walk

It's a bold theme, you could say. And Sami tackles the tightrope walk in dignified fashion. Srikanth's spontaneity in performance is gaining sheen with every film. You can't fault his choice of characters either — he sees to it that they are varied. `Uyir' is the latest example. Samvrutha, the heroine, looks appealing in certain sequences and de-glamorised in some. Make-up, probably, plays truant. Hers is not a run-of-the-mill role and she does enough justice to it. But it is the slim and attractive Sangita, who mesmerises you with her performance. Far removed from the typical sisters-in-law of cinema, Sangita projects the tantalising charm, perversity and wit the character demands, with apt body language and expressions. Another noteworthy part for her after `Pithamagan.' Initially you think the tot playing Sangita's daughter (Baby Ramya) is like any other kid in our films — precocious and talking beyond her age. But later as a child perplexed and paranoid, she's natural. Asim Sharma's telling eyes poignantly convey the anguish and agony of a hapless husband. Joshua Sridhar's theme music is an impressive highlight. The costume and sets for the duets spell variety but there's an overdose of this urge to be different. Any way the sequences are mere speed breakers in the narrative flow. Sami's dialogue is another enhancing feature. Art (Thottatharani) contributes a lot to the aesthetics in `Uyir.' You don't really get to know how Sundar actually befriends everyone in Anandhi's household. (Is it some discrepancy in the editing?) Strangely, even after being threatened and humiliated, Anandhi forgets it all and continues with her romancing! After a point the end is guessable, yet the treatment is a reiteration of Sami's astuteness. Story, screenplay, dialogue writer and director Sami, you hear, has worked with the likes of Parthiban and Cheran. The positive influence shows.MALATHI RANGARAJAN



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