Like desserts, tukkadas are short beguiling compositions rendered after the main piece and taniyavartthanam, in concerts. They often go unnoticed, because people are in a mood to leave the venue after the tani session, said Aswati Tirunal Rama Varma, who staged a special programme on tukkadas, in Thiruvananthapuram. The programme, `The Aesthetics of Tukkadas' was conducted under the auspices of Swati Tirunal Sangeetha Sabha.

Romantic composition

Rama Varma began the recital with a Purandara Dasa kriti in raga Kedaram, set to Misra chappu talam `Krishna yana barathe.' He sang `Bhomma tana muktya' in Yadukulakamboji, a romantic composition by Annamacharya. `Ganalola nee ' a ragamalika composition extolling Lord Tirupathi Venkatesa, opened with the raga Gamanasramam. Sadasiva Brahmendra's `Smara vaaram' in Bahudari, Rama devotee Tulasidas' rare Krishna bhajan, `Gopala gokula vallabhe,' Jagannatha Vittaldas' `Yake mookaradyo,' and Irayimman Thampi's `Karunacheyvan' were some of the other compositions presented. The inclusion of a Hindustani bhajan by Swati Tirunal and Tyagaraja's tukkadas styled on western notes was also noteworthy. He also gave snippets on the lives of the composers as well as the instances that sparked their creativity for those compositions. K.C. ASOK