On a proven track - Sudesi

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Genre: Action
Director: Jaypey A.Y.
Cast: Vijayakanth, Manoj K.Jayan, Shayaji Shinde, Ashima
Storyline: Sudesi's aim in life is to help the people in every way he can.
Bottomline: Clich‚s galore!Replace MGR with Vijayakanth and Ashima with yesteryear heroines Latha or Manjula and you have a complete Puratchi Thalaivar cocktail of the 1970s in Captain Cine Creations' `Sudesi.' Nambiar is a sober soul in `Sudesi' — Shayaji Shinde takes care of the villainy instead. Apart from the slightly astute moves of private detective Thilak (Manoj K. Jayan) and the hero himself there's nothing new that three decades and more have done to the routine plot. Sudesi (Vijayakanth) may not have a job to boast of but he keeps himself busy righting the wrongs in society. There's this aunt's daughter (Ashima) in the village pining for him and keeping herself going with dream duets. But like any do-gooder, romance is the last thing on Sudesi's mind. He happens to stumble on a CD that has dark details about the Chief Minister, Aasiya Narayanan (Shinde) and sees it as an opportunity to do good to the people. Is it so easy to have a CM at your beck and call, and twist his arms? Then from time to time you have Vijayakanth on a proclamation spree, stating his patriotism and uprightness in public life. Hence naturally you get to hear a lot of maxims and sermons, Sudesi style. Vijayakanth comes out with a usual performance. And probably because he is conscious of his new political avatar he is a tad too staid and serious. Humour, which he is good at and generally gives room for in his portrayal, is nowhere to be seen in `Sudesi.' Karunas' comedy line doesn't fit into the scheme of things. Ashima's coquetry exasperates while Manoj K. Jayan's underplay appeals. Stunts (Rocky Rajesh) in `Sudesi' look contrived and rather amateurish. In his enthusiasm to make Vijayakanth appear imposing and formidable, Kichas opts for a few angles that end up looking awkward. Abruptly ending sequences distract the viewer. (K.R. Gowrishankar is the editor.) Debut making writer-director Jaypey A.Y. sees to it that the dialogue (punches as the jargon goes) is a total image-building exercise for the actor-politician. A perfect clarion call to the cadres — Vijayakanth makes no bones about the purpose of his `Sudesi.'MALATHI RANGARAJAN



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