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LONE RANGER A still from 'Tarvate Yemiti... ?', a film that has just one character.
LONE RANGER A still from 'Tarvate Yemiti... ?', a film that has just one character.


M.S. Vasu comes up with a unique concept and novel narrative technique for his debut venture 'Tarvata Yemiti... ?'

In the next three months a spate of films awaits release. Surprisingly in this summer bunch avant-garde cinema too finds a place unlike in the previous years. We will be treated with a full-length animation film (Kittu), an offbeat theme (Tanu) and an experimental, Tarvata Yemiti... ? Besides, of course, glossy entertainers from the established and other banners. At the vanguard is producer- director M.S. Vasu who came up with a unique concept and employed a new technique for narrative in his debut venture, Tarvata Yemiti... ? The uniqueness is that it has only one character - a soldier and a patriot.A soldier is lost in the wilderness during the course of a war. He finds himself suddenly in a thick jungle, in a valley with a scenic waterfall and the wild animals for company. Till a few hours ago he was fighting the enemy in the company of fellow soldiers. And now he is all alone. He is a highly patriotic army man. He holds the flag aloft even under duress. But as time passes by in the forest how will be his thoughts and feelings. Will he be thinking about his country or about his family? And what happens to the brave soldier? "If one has limited resources at his disposal one has to tread a different path in this make-believe world to corner immediate attention," smiles the 26-year-old commercial artiste turned filmmaker. Fascinated by the soldier's grit and valour in safeguarding the nation, he worked on a subject that revolves around an army officer. "I did not go beyond his character while developing the concept. "I started work as a commercial artiste ten years ago when I was 16. It was then I came to Hyderabad with my elder brother. He in fact, nurtured an idea of becominga movie director. "When we enquired at a film institute, the fee for the course was Rs. 1.5 lakhand with no guarantee that one gets an opportunity as soon as one graduates from the institute. So we returned," recalls Vasu. He says that since four years he has been trying to join as an assistant director but without success. His brother advised him 'instead of wasting time working as an assistant, pool up resources and start a movie of your own. ' And he has done that. With a budget of Rs. 25 lakh , he shot the film in as many days at locations in Maharashtra, Visakhapatnam and forests of Adilabad. "Raja Narendra who has played the protagonist has graduated in Theatre Arts from Telugu University. Kasarla Shyam an up and coming lyricist wrote the patriotic song on the national flag. Shyam, an M. Phil in folk arts from Telugu University, says that he wrote the lyric after watching a television programme on Pingali Venkaiah who first designed the flag. WhileLimca Book of Records has sent an acceptance letter to include in their latest book, Tarvata Yemiti... ? as the first one actor film in regional languages in the country, has one ambition. To make the film in Tamil and Hindi with Vikram in the lead."I dare not approach him before as I am nobody here. But now that I have made the film, I can use it as a demo to show to the 'Remo' (remember Vikram's role in Aparichitudu?). Hope he will like it."



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