For some time now, people passing by Travancore Palace on Kasturba Gandhi Marg in New Delhi have seen a banner announcing the presence of Travancore Art Gallery in the hub of the city. A few months ago, they didn't know if at all such a palatia l gallery existed in this 20,000-square foot building! And the gallery has already hosted six shows in less than a year. Initially it brought stalwarts and young talents from the South of India. Now it is showing works of all those artists whose art has already earned a name in the medium of choice - K.S. Radhakrishnan for his sculptures, Koya NKP Muthu for his surrealism and an IAS officer from Kerala Lizzie Jacob for her command over an amalgam of figures and abstract in an impressive feast of colo urs. The show, Garden of Black Roses, curated by Amal Jha, has a range of artists and sculptors whom we don't see in Delhi often. The palace, which has five big galleries, may soon have a grand gallery on the other side of the building. And as A.R. Raju, Joint Secretary, Government of Kerala assures us, "The galleries in this 100-year-old refurbished building would be the first in Delhi coming up with the help of a state government and that too without any bureaucratic intervention in its functioning." And the good news comes especially for the sculptors who hardly find any galleries in Delhi big enough for their big works. "Primarily we would have the gallery on the ground floor for sculptures as the space is customised that way." So, good news for th e art lovers and makers!