With a rich haul of four Golden Globe awards, Ang Lee's ``Brokeback Mountain" makes a breaks through.

The winners of the Golden Globe Awards instituted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Associa tion, announced on Monday night in Los Angeles, have by and large gone on predictable lines, except for some disappointments and omissions that the `pundits' talk about.

Making history

The small budget movie ``Brokeback Mountain" with a comparatively new cast made by top Taiwan director Ang Lee, (``Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon") made history taking a fistful of four Golden Globes out of the seven nominations &# 151; for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Song. A movie of gay love between two cowboys, this movie has really broken the mountain of prejudice against gay cinema in Hollywood.

Bold theme

Ang Lee, one of the top directors of Asian cinema who made a splash in Hollywood with his ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" made bold to make this movie with a forbidden love theme and more so as part of the mai nstream Hollywood cinema. There were many who had doubts over how Americans would react to this kind of movie. Indeed it had a limited release in only about 638 theatres whereas the average Hollywood movie plays in about 2,000-3,000 cinemas. Interestingl y enough in some towns in the state of Utah it was even banned ! Apart from the story of love between two men who get married and raise families, the film has intimate sequences like lip-to-lip kissing between the two men! Philip Seymour Hoffman who play ed the great American writer, Truman Capote, in ``Capote" won Best Actor Globe which was of course expected. He is also strongly tipped to win an Oscar for best actor.

Out of the closet

Old timers and serious pundits of Cinema including some critics were rather disappointed that the top of the cream from filmmakers Steven Spielberg (``Munich") and Woody Allen (``Match Point") were totally eliminated from the race! G eorge Clooney won Best Supporting Actor for the controversial film about the Middle-East oil politics ``Syriana." This was another film about which the makers were rather diffident because of the controversial nature the movie especially in the current s ituation in West Asia. One interesting outcome of the Golden Globe Awards is the emergence of the gay movie that has come of out of the closet where it remained locked for many years. * * * And the awards go to...Drama: ``Brokeb ack Mountain" ACTRESS (DRAMA) Felicity Huffman, ``Transamerica" ACTOR (DRAMA) Philip Seymour Hoffman, ``Capote"Musical Or Comedy — ``Walk the Line." The film, incidentally fetched the best actor and best actress award for Joaquin Phoenix and Re ese Witherspoon. Foreign-Language Film: ``Paradise Now" (Palestine) Supporting Actress: Rachel Weisz, ``The Constant Gardener" Supporting Actor: George Clooney, ``Syriana"Director: Ang Lee, ``Brokeback Mountain"Screenplay: Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossa na (``Brokeback Mountain" Original Score: John Williams (``Memoirs of a Geisha") Original Song: ``A Love That Will Never Grow Old" (``Brokeback Mountain," Music by Gustavo Santaolalla, Lyrics by: Bernie Taupin The Cecil B. Demille Life Achievement Award: Sir Anthony Hopkins.